About Sauna Area

Recognized as the leading sauna provider, Sauna Area offers top-of-the-line infrared sauna units and accessories. You’ll find a wide selection of budget-friendly sauna models without compromising quality.

The company started as a mini-passion project to conduct thermal therapy studies. We later found the inspiration to extend such a therapeutic experience by establishing a one-stop-shop for all sauna enthusiasts alike.

From product design to post-purchase service, Sauna Area provides premium quality that exceeds the industry standards and the expectations of every user. In the same way that sauna therapy provides a relaxing session, we want to make your sauna shopping experience hassle-free.

Our mission is to develop and deliver at-home sauna devices that will make every user fall in love with holistic, effective, and risk-free therapies like saunas. Join us in our movement as we promote the use of sauna therapies in optimizing health and wellness!

Customer's Feedback and Testimonials

Don’t believe us yet? Our happy customers’ feedback might change your mind.

Sauna Area offers a wide selection of high-quality infrared sauna units. Sauna Area is the number one brand in quality and innovation for all things infrared.

As the leading sauna provider, our mission is to provide customers with the perfect sauna for their needs and budget while providing them with an outstanding customer experience from start to finish.

We are committed to producing premium products that meet our customers’ expectations by exceeding industry standards on every level of construction and service before, during, and after purchase.

All our infrared saunas have been constructed with the utmost care and attention to detail – because we understand how important it is for you to have the right equipment in your home or spa.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable standard model or something more elaborate, Sauna Area has what you need at prices that won’t break your budget!

Jenna K., Los Angeles

“The quality is superb, not to mention the excellent customer service that will make you want to buy again. Highly recommended.” 

Astrid V., New Jersey

“Truth be told, I wasn’t a fan of saunas before. This was recommended by my friend as a back pain relief. Amazingly, it works! And I’m glad to have gotten my units from Sauna Area. Everything was delivered as promised.” 

David C., Tampa Bay

“When it comes to devices or heating units like saunas, I don’t just purchase from any store. I do in-depth research and rely on positive word-of-mouth. Thank heavens my sister who recently bought her own sauna recommended Sauna Area. The products and service are great!”

About the Author

Cathryn McMillan

Research analyst, copywriter/content creator, and health advocate

“If creating valuable content were a crime, I’d be jailed for life.”

As a health and lifestyle enthusiast, Cathryn have always found the sauna and its healing effects fascinating. This life-changing technology transform her from a casual researcher into a passionate fan. A relaxing session at her at-home sauna unit has become a no-skip routine for Cathryn.

Ever since she was a kid, she have always taken an interest in health and wellness. She has encountered and tried countless lifestyle trends. Through the years, she has mastered the art of critical writing. She no longer get swayed by overhyped and fleeting fads. And that speaks volumes about how effective sauna heat therapies are.

What drew her to this innovative device the most is the power that it carries. The fact that every sauna exposure offers a myriad of astonishing benefits all in one therapy is beyond impressive.

As a result, she has decided to set myself on a mission – to provide research-driven and high-value content that will help people recognize and understand saunas.  She is no less than a hundred percent committed to helping sauna users maximize their experience.

Professional Background

Cathryn’s extensive background in research, lifestyle writing, and content creation has helped her thrive in industries involving health, wellness, and technology. She graduated from NYU Medical School. Having published several of my works in reputable media entities and research institutions, conducting in-depth studies and comprehensive write-ups are no stranger to Cathryn.

However, she has noticed that some relevant studies often get neglected by consumers. We have a plethora of value-packed studies that could help us understand thermal therapies deeper, but they’re either kept on the shelves collecting dust or they’re too unengaging for readers to pick up.

This is why she made it a mission to translate complex info, data, and jargon into research-driven yet easy-to-digest blog posts.


If you don’t find Cathryn writing about saunas or just about anything wellness-related, you’ll usually see her meditating, hiking, gardening, or cooking my greens during my spare time. You guess you can say being health-conscious has been flowing in Cathryn’s bloodline since birth.