Benefits Of Sauna After Workout

After an intense workout session in the gym, there comes a feeling of fatigue and your body needs relaxation.

For this reason, nowadays, in addition to gyms and spas, almost all fitness clubs offer a sauna service after an intense workout session. However, a sauna after a workout session is not only for relaxation.

Everyone knows that the sauna brings significant benefits. However, there are also some contraindications regarding the sauna practice after an intense workout session.

Thus, many people often ask if it is possible to visit the sauna after training, and what benefits it brings. So, in this article, you can find out the many health benefits of the sauna post-workout session. Let’s have a look to know it all.

Should I Use A Sauna Before Workout Sessions Or After?

It’s no secret that a sauna can enhance your workouts and help you recover faster. If you’re lucky enough to find a gym with a sauna, you are likely to find people relaxing after a workout session.

However, some people are confused about whether to visit a sauna before the workout session or after.

Well, both methods show positive results. Scientific studies show the positive health effects of taking a sauna after a workout, in general, it helps to train your cardiovascular system.

So, it is better to take a sauna bath after your workout session and not before. Let’s now have a close look at the positive effects of the sauna bath after a workout session.

Positive Effects:

  • Burning excess calories
  • Removal of muscle pain
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Stress relief
  • Release toxins
  • Training of the cardiovascular system to get rid of fatal cardiovascular disease/heart disease

It is always recommended to go for a sauna only after the workout session. This is because a traditional Finnish sauna bath after the gym session, helps you relax, lowers high blood pressure, and improves the amount of oxygen-rich blood being pumped via your blood vessels and arteries.

On the other hand, it is NEVER recommended to go to the infrared saunas or steam rooms BEFORE a workout. Since the sauna makes you sweat a lot, it can make you feel exhausted and unable to perform the exercise. So, if you plan to go to the sauna before your workout, abort the idea immediately.

What Are The Etiquettes To Get The Most Benefits Of Sauna

If you are using a sauna room at the gym (which many gyms have nowadays), it is significant to be aware of appropriate sauna etiquette.

Simply like the rules & regulations you follow at the fitness club, for example, wiping down tools after every use or instead of listening to music on a loudspeaker using a headphone, there are a few do’s & don’ts of using a sauna in public. These do’s & don’ts are as follows:

Shower Before You Enter

You will have to wash off odors, germs, and sweat from your workout session before entering the sauna room. If you do so, it’ll offer you a better experience in your sauna bathing session.

Don’t Enter The Sauna Room Being Naked

What to wear in sauna sessions? Either wear a bathing suit or a towel before you enter the sauna and keep things respectable and clean for other users. In case you are using a towel, do not forget to bring an extra towel to lay or sit on. Moreover, the extra towel will be useful to wipe sweat induced from your sauna bath.

Be Quiet

A sauna bathing is a time to relax, and thus, you need to be silent! Do not play music or start a conversation with other users during your traditional or infrared sauna session.

Do Not Bring Electronics

Electronic devices may not tolerate the extreme heat of the sauna room. So, it is better to keep your electronics outside while spending time inside the sauna room.

Do Not Workout Inside The Sauna Room

You can practice your workout session before entering the sauna room and not while in the room.

Try To Be Quick

We suggest you not stay in the sauna room for more than 20 minutes. Do not allow too much heat to escape from your body. Or else, it may generate some serious health issues.

What Are Benefits Of Sauna After Workout

There are several known health benefits to getting heat therapy after working out, in general. The main beneficial effect of the sauna is its sweating effect, relaxation, detoxification, etc.

During the warming up of the body, the heart rate increases, the skin and muscles warm up, and, with the help of sweating, toxins are removed from the body.

After visiting the sauna, the body temperature drops to normal and, thanks to such drops, the body hardens over time. As a result, the risk of colds is reduced, and immunity is increased.

As soon as you practice correctly, the sauna can improve both physical and mental health, as well as enhance the overall grade of life.

Anyhow, physical activity, particularly regular workouts, often put stress on your body.

Thus, it’s significant to practice some post-workout recovery methods that will let your body adjust to the transformations properly. So, let’s now check out a few benefits of high-heat therapy after a workout session.

Improve Endurance & Aerobic Capacity

There are 2 ways sauna bathing might help you as soon as it comes to persistent activity. A study conducted in 2007 on distance runners demonstrated that frequent sauna bathing improved the runners’ persistent activity by 32% without being tired.

Also, red blood cell and plasma volumes increased, which helped them have better aerobic capacity.

Practically, this indicates that taking sauna bathings can help our body to boost performance by improving our blood flow.

In addition to this, it’s thought that when you spend time in a sauna, it can aid you to improve your tolerance to heat as well.

It means you can handle the natural rise in body temperature that has prolonged physical exertion. And all these help you improve your endurance and also aerobic capacity.

Cardiovascular Health Benefits

Heating the surface of the skin generally leads to a body temperature rise. This will dilate the blood vessels under the skin and increase the heart rate further, after your workout session. Heartbeat from 60-70 beats per minute can rise to 120-140 beats per minute.

After leaving the sauna room, the heart rate will drop below your normal level. This is a temporary and short-term phenomenon. Due to this effect, the cardiovascular system (CVS) is trained and provides you with better heart health.

For comfortable training and a pleasant stay in the sauna, you can spend 2-4 sessions of 10 minutes with breaks. The effect is similar to moderate cardio exercise. But do not forget that visiting the sauna does not give the same effect on blood circulation as a workout session.

Cleanse Your Skin

Your skin must be fit—not only for aesthetic causes but also because your skin protects you from the microbes and environment as well as helps control the temperature of the body. Taking sauna bathing helps the skin clean itself as well as removes all dead skin cells.

Thus, your skin won’t only “breathe” better but also protect you better and it’ll look better, as well.

The heat coming from an electric heater in the sauna bathing can activate your sebaceous glands, which are found on the scalp. These glands release combinations that make your skin and hair appear healthy and shiny.

Promotes Additional Healthy Weight Loss

By partnering exercise sessions with proper sauna use, you normally teach the body to allow to go of contained water weight. It’s essential to mention that dehydration can happen when using the sauna, thus, keep stay hydrated by increasing water intake. A sauna session alone won’t deliver a healthy method to lose weight.

Rather, it’s the mixture of heat, physical activity, and also sweat that enables extra weight loss after a workout. Additionally, increased blood circulation to loose muscles can rev muscle growth & tone.

In addition, infrared heat can slightly increase the production of human growth hormone (GH) and reduce the level of the “stress hormone” cortisol, which also has a beneficial effect on losing weight.

Detox The Body

One of the benefits of workouts is that it activates the sweating process after your workout session. This helps to release toxins from your body.

To increase this effect, you can go to the sauna soon after a workout session. Having cleansed your body of an additional load of harmful elements – you will see differences. After that, your well-being will improve, and you will feel refreshed.

So, when you attend the sauna bath session soon after your workout, you help detox your body while spending a relaxing time. Isn’t it great? After your workout session, what your body needs the most is “REST”.

And nothing is better than a sauna bath. With a sauna bath after a workout, you not only relax your body but also reduce toxins.

Removes Metabolic Waste

If you have spent time in the sauna from 2 to 5 minutes after a workout, you can lose up to half a liter of fluid. Metabolic wastes come out with sweat.

The sweat produced during the sauna cools the body. With deep sweating that occurs in the sauna, the following minerals are released: nickel, mercury, lead, and copper-zinc.

This makes the sauna a very effective way to painlessly detoxify the body after a workout. Do not forget that with these minerals, the necessary salts and minerals also leave the body.

Therefore, after the sauna avoid dehydration and it is also worth replenishing the lost microelements. Moreover, if you feel the dizzy or lower temperature in your body, do not be afraid as it is normal after the sauna.

This generally takes place because both workout sessions and sauna baths induce sweat, which contains the necessary salts and minerals. And thus, you start feeling dizzy.

Improved Lung Health

Just like the heart benefits, the practice of sauna use after a workout can enhance lung capacity as well as open airways. It’s confirmed that steam bathing opens up blocked airways carried on by bronchitis, smoking, asthma, or even allergies.

After exercising, your lungs are wider open than usual because of high blood flow throughout the workout session. Inhaling the steam from the sauna can also promote lung capability by improving oxygen flow after a workout.

Promotes Muscle Recovery

Due to the dry heat of the sauna heat therapy, the temperature of the skin quickly rises. This warmth has a positive effect on the body, easing the sensation of muscle pain that is felt during exercise.

The sauna rocks will help remove lactic acid from muscle cells. This will result in faster muscle tension recovery after a workout or an athletic performance. While in the infrared heat, blood flows almost doubles and delivers more oxygen to your muscles.

As blood flow increases, the sore muscles become more relaxed within a few minutes. As per Harvard Health Publications, the practice of Sauna bathing after a workout session recovers your muscles and thus improves the health conditions of the muscles.

According to Medical News, sauna time after a workout can also reduce the effects of rheumatoid arthritis.

Mental Relaxation And Stress Reliever

Stress is the main factor in any disease. Stress can lead to weight gain as a result of hormonal imbalances, poor sleep, poor well-being, and general irritability. Time spent in the sweat lodges will help relieve stress and enjoy the silence.

The heat of a sauna works best to release endorphins, and feel-good hormones. Sauna also helps reduce your stress level and provide mental relaxation after an intense workout session.

Numerous clinical analysis studies performed over the previous decade reported a noteworthy improvement in mental state after sauna use – the most marked progress is seen in mental positivity, relaxation, and mental clarity.

As a grueling workout or essential competitive match can increase the grades of the fight-or-flight hormone adrenaline as well as the stress hormone adrenaline, the sauna practice is an extremely beneficial process for athletes to relax and decompress.

Helps You Burn More Calories

There are many unsubstantiated claims about the ability of saunas to magically speed up fat loss. The truth is that they can help you lose a moderate amount of weight when you practice them after a workout.

The sweating process itself is a calorie burn that requires energy derived from stored carbohydrates and fats.

In the words of Dr. Ward Dean a health professional: “A person with normal physical fitness can lose up to 500 grams in the sauna after a workout.” Overweight people can burn even more calories. Sauna is not a miracle cure for weight loss and getting rid of excess body fat, it helps the body burn calories.


Following are some common questions on the benefits of sauna after workout:

Is It Good To Use The Sauna After A Workout?

Yes, the sauna can enhance the effects of your workouts and help you recover faster if you take sauna bathing after a workout.

How Long Should You Stay In A Sauna After A Workout?

Do not stay inside the sauna room for more than 20 minutes after a workout session.


Many people appreciate using the sauna session after an intense workout session, and there are a few solid possible benefits like reducing muscle soreness, improving the neuromuscular system, increasing sperm count, and boosting performance.

It is necessary to visit the sauna after an intense workout in 20-25 minutes, this is because after the load, blood pressure rises and the heartbeat quickens, which, after visiting the sauna, can increase even more.

For the sauna after a workout to be beneficial, you need to wait a bit until the pulse returns to normal. Do not forget that the body needs a lot of water both during training and after.

In addition to the hardening effect, visiting the sauna after a workout accelerates the removal of lactic acid from the muscles, which accumulates during training, improves appetite and relaxes your muscles so you easily fall asleep.