Does Infrared Sauna Work? Heat Therapy Explained

Infrared therapy is a type of heat therapy that has been used for hundreds of years. It was originally discovered by the Greeks and Romans who used it to heal sore muscles.

Today, infrared saunas are still being studied as an alternative to other types of heat treatments like RICE (rest, ice, compression & elevation) or whirlpools.

While there are numerous publications, testimonies, and studies that prove the positive effects of sauna use, a lot of people are still wondering: does infrared sauna work? Well, it does! Find out how and why it does in this blog post.

How Do Infrared Saunas Work?

Infrared heaters use infrared light to create heat and stimulate rapid detoxification. This type of radiant heat therapy does wonders for the body.

The appeal of a sauna session (whether infrared or conventional saunas) is that it has similar effects on the body to moderate exercise, resulting in elevated blood pressure and perspiration.

When your core temperature rises, your blood vessels dilate and your heart rate increases.

Infrared saunas heat up your body from the inside out due to the infrared waves’ ability to penetrate deep into the body directly.

This is a much more efficient way to heat up the body temperature and results in a deeper sweat than you would get from conventional saunas.

Do Infrared Saunas Actually Work? The Truth Unveiled!

The answer is definitely yes! Infrared saunas do work a hundred percent. They are a great way to improve your overall health and well-being.

The following are the known truths regarding the effectiveness of infrared saunas and how they work to provide health benefits to sauna users.

Truth #1: Sauna Use Improves Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease is associated with poor blood circulation.

All adjustments to the flexible blood vessels can be beneficial to your heart.

Infrared saunas are thought to result in improved blood vessel function, flexibility, and adaptability, as well as increased blood vessel capacity to expand. All these lead to improved circulation.

Researchers have yet to determine whether the mechanism is the same, or if this is due to higher nitric oxide levels, which raise blood pressure.

Regular sauna use has been shown in studies to aid with tick reduction.

Truth #2: Infrared Sessions Reduce Wrinkles And Acne

Many infrared saunas have been shown to improve the appearance and health of the skin as a whole while reducing wrinkles. The outcomes have been attributed to the open pore’s ability to absorb dirt into a sweat and remove it.

According to dermatitis expert Keira Barr, exfoliating the skin can help remove the accumulations of particles from the body.

Tissue damage is another explanation for what causes this unpleasant feeling. In addition, infrared saunas are classified as low-intensity light therapy and are frequently utilized to treat eczema, pimples, or psoriasis.

Truth #3: Infrared Therapy Aids In Toxin Removal From Your Body

One of the most popular reasons people use infrared saunas is for detoxification. Sweating is one way that the body eliminates toxins, and because an infrared sauna produces a deeper sweat than does a conventional sauna, it is thought to be more effective at detoxification.

The heat from an infrared sauna helps to open up the pores, which allows the sweat to escape more easily. This increased sweating also helps to remove toxins from the skin.

It helps the body eliminate toxins by getting rid of environmental pollutants, such as cigarette smoke, heavy metals, and chemical solvents.

Toxins can also accumulate in the body due to a poor diet, stress, and lack of exercise. An infrared sauna can help the body to get rid of these toxins, which can improve your health and well-being.

Truth #4: Infrared Sauna Therapy Helps Trigger Fat Burning Mechanisms

Another benefit of using an infrared sauna is it can help you lose weight.

The increased sweating caused by the heat from infrared radiation helps to burn calories and ultimately promotes weight loss.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people who used a traditional sauna for 30 minutes lost more weight and body fat than those who didn’t use a sauna.

The researchers believe that the increased heat exposure caused an increase in the number of calories burned.

Truth #5: Infrared Saunas Can Help Relieve Pain

One of the reasons people use infrared saunas is to provide effective pain relief. The deep heat from the infrared radiation helps to relax muscles and improve blood circulation.

An infrared sauna has been shown to be an effective treatment for fibromyalgia and a variety of other conditions that cause pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic fatigue syndrome. It also helps to reduce inflammation and swelling.

If you are suffering from pain, an infrared sauna may be a good treatment option for you.

Truth #6: Infrared Saunas Can Improve Your Mood

The heat from infrared radiation helps to relax the body and mind. This can help to improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, infrared saunas have been integrated into treatments of symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In a study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, researchers found that people who used an infrared sauna had lower levels of cortisol (a hormone that is released when you are stressed) than those who didn’t use a sauna.

Another study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that infrared saunas were an effective treatment for depression.

Other Proven Health Benefits Of Infrared Radiant Heat Therapy

Aside from the mentioned above, infrared heat has been shown to optimize health. Few other benefits include:

Different Infrared Light Types And Their Effectiveness

There are three different infrared light types with different wavelengths. Each of them works to address various health issues.

Does Near-Infrared Light Therapy Work?

Near-infrared light therapy (NIRLT) is a type of phototherapy that uses near-infrared radiation to treat various medical conditions.

NIRLT has been shown to be an effective treatment for a number of conditions, including chronic pain, arthritis, and depression.

It works by penetrating deep into the tissues and stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. NIRLT can also help to reduce inflammation and swelling.

If you are suffering from a condition that does not respond well to traditional treatments, you may want to consider trying NIRLT.

There have been many studies that have shown the benefits of this form of phototherapy.

Does Medium Infrared Light Therapy Work?

Medium-light wavelength infrared radiation (mid-IR) is effective in treating a number of health conditions, including cancer.

Mid-IR radiation has been shown to directly kill cancer cells and inhibit their growth. It can also help to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Mid-IR radiation may be able to help cancer patients.

Does Far-Infrared Light Therapy Work?

Yes, a far infrared sauna does work. Far infrared saunas use light in the far-infrared spectrum to provide health benefits. The far infrared sauna is designed with light that penetrates deep into the tissues, stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.

Like near-infrared, far infrared rays have also been shown to be an effective treatment for a number of conditions, including chronic pain, arthritis, and depression. A far infrared sauna is beneficial for detoxification and weight loss as well.

If you are looking for an alternative form of therapy that can help improve your health, you may want to consider using far-infrared heat therapy. Individuals who used a far infrared sauna had a significant increase in their elimination of toxic metals like lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium.

What Makes Infrared Sauna Therapy So Effective?


What makes infrared saunas so effective is the deep infrared heat that is emitted from the radiation. This deep heat penetrates into the tissues and stimulates the body’s natural healing processes.

Does An Infrared Sauna Work Better Than A Traditional Sauna?

Which is better, infrared or traditional sauna? The infrared rays produced by infrared heat lamps are invisible to the human eye. They warm the body directly from the inside out.

Meanwhile, in traditional saunas, the hot air is circulated around the room. This can be dangerous for the human body with respiratory problems.

If you’ve ever visited traditional saunas, you’ve undoubtedly seen lava stones and hot water that produces hot air or steam and warms the room. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas employ infrared radiation to heat the body temperature directly.

Infrared heat has been shown to be more effective at warming muscles than other types of heat (like traditional saunas or steam saunas) because it penetrates deeper into the tissues.

This makes infrared saunas an excellent treatment for various sports-related injuries like sore muscles or post-workout pain due to cold weather conditions.

Factors Affecting The Effectiveness Of Infrared Saunas

You might wonder: why aren’t infrared saunas working for me? All those impressive claims are true and backed by studies.

However, there are a number of factors that can affect the effectiveness of infrared saunas on the human body. Some of these include:

The Type Of Radiation Used

There are three types of infrared waves or radiation – near, medium, and far-infrared rays. The type of radiation used will determine how deep the heat penetrates the skin and how effective it is at removing toxins.

The Intensity Of The Radiation

The higher the intensity of the radiation, the more effective it will be at removing toxins.

The Duration Of Exposure To Infrared Heat

The length of time you should use an infrared sauna for it to be effective will vary depending on the type of radiation used, the intensity of the radiation, and the temperature. However, most people will see results after using an infrared sauna for 20-30 minutes.

The Temperature

The higher the temperature of the sauna, the sweatier you will be and the more toxins you will remove from your body. The ideal temperature for infrared saunas is between 110 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sauna Location

If you are using an outdoor infrared sauna, make sure to avoid direct natural sunlight. Solar radiation or UV radiation can intensify the heat of infrared radiation and cause skin damage.

The Humidity

The higher the humidity, the more effective the infrared radiation will be at removing toxins.

Usage Frequency

The more often you use an infrared sauna, the more toxins you will remove from your body.

The Type Of Infrared Sauna

There are a number of different types of infrared saunas on the market. Make sure you select one that has been proven to be effective at removing toxins from the body.

Your Health Status

If you are healthy, you will likely see more benefits from using an infrared sauna than someone who is not healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Infrared Heat Therapy

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about infrared saunas:

Is Infrared Sauna Therapy Safe?

Yes, infrared sauna therapy is safe when used as directed. However, if you are pregnant or have a medical condition (such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.), you should consult with your doctor before using an infrared sauna.

Can Children Use An Infrared Sauna?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is limited research on the effects of infrared heaters on children. However, it is generally recommended that children do not use an infrared sauna.

What Are The Preparations Needed For The Best Infrared Sauna Experience?

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water before and after your session to help flush toxins from your body. Avoid unhealthy habits prior to your and limit your alcohol intake.


Do infrared saunas work? The answer is an absolute yes! The infrared sauna is a great way to detoxify your body, provide pain relief, boost the immune system, and improve your overall health.

It is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions that cause pain and tension headaches. The infrared technology is designed with infrared waves penetrating deep into the skin, causing you to sweat out more toxins than those who do not use one regularly.


Looking for an effective and safe way to heat up your body temperature? Then infrared heat therapy is the answer! Get your own infrared sauna today and we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep.