How to Sweat More in the Sauna: 20 Effective Tips for Better Results

Sauna sweating is a great way to lose weight, detoxify your body, and improve overall health. Sauna makes the air around you hot, causing your body to sweat as it tries to cool itself down.

Many people sweat and are surprised to find how much they sweat in the sauna. It’s not uncommon for someone who has never been in a sauna before to have five pounds of sweat produced during their first visit.

If you’re looking for tips on how to sweat more in the sauna, this article will show you 10 ways that will help increase how much heat your body produces!


Drink Plenty Of Water In Preparation For Your Sauna Therapy

It’s crucial that you drink fluids before during and after sweating indoors to help replace any water that is lost.

Hydrating properly before using infrared saunas or sauna bathing can also help prevent overheating while helping with circulation during traditional heat therapy or infrared energy exposure.

Drinking a cool glass or two of water is especially important before entering a hot sauna or steam room because this kind of sauna exposure can cause your body temperature to rise making you feel uncomfortable.

If you’re not used to drinking a lot of water, it’s best to start by consuming about 16 ounces (500 ml) an hour or more before entering the sauna cabin.

Maintain A Healthy Diet Prior To Regular Sauna Use For Optimal Health Benefits

When you are well-nourished, your body will be able to better sweat during a sauna detox session. Consume light and healthy meals before using the sauna so that your body is not working hard to digest food while trying to increase how much you sweat.

This will allow for more energy to be focused on releasing toxins through increased perspiration. Moreover, it can provide other benefits for your health, such as maintaining cardiovascular health and reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

Eating junk foods or large quantities of food before going into infrared sauna detoxification can actually hinder your results because this type of diet leaves less energy for the body to use in order to produce pure sweat.

Aim to drink at least 64-ounces of water per day, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and consume whole grain products in order to provide the body with the essential nutrients it needs while sweating indoors.

Skip The Alcohol Before Your Sauna Session For A Healthy Sauna Detox

The consumption of alcohol may lead people into believing they are susceptible than they really are when dehydration kicks in.

Alcohol has a dehydrating effect, which means that your whole body will lose more fluid than it takes in when drinking alcohol.

This can be very dangerous when trying to sweat more in a infrared sauna or traditional sauna spa as you could quickly become overheated and dehydrated if you are not careful.

Avoid Eating A Heavy Meal Before Sauna Bathing Or Exposure To An Infrared Sauna

Eating a big meal before going into the sauna can cause discomfort and also prevent you from sweating as much as you would like to.

Try not to eat a heavy meal for an hour before going into the sauna so that there are no digestive processes happening inside of you while sweating

A light snack or drink an hour or two before using the sauna is ideal so that your body can focus on releasing heat instead of working to digest food.

Use Herbal Supplements Like L-Arginine For Improved Sauna Detox Benefits

Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps the body produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for widening blood vessels and improving blood circulation, which in turn allows your body to release more heat and sweat during a good sauna detox session.

Take 500 mg of L-arginine before you enter the sauna or have an infrared sauna session.

Incorporate Hot Liquids Or Sports Drinks Into Your Pre-Sauna Routine

Hot drinks such as tea or coffee amplify sauna detox benefits because they also cause increased metabolism and perspiration due to their heat content.

It is also worth noting that caffeine is a stimulant that can help increase heart rate and promote perspiration.

Adding hot and caffeinated beverages will give you an extra boost when going into the sauna with hot liquid already circulating through your system increasing both mental clarity and physical endurance while promoting better results on top of high heat that naturally come along with equipment like an infrared sauna.

Moreover, try drinking an electrolyte replacement drink such as Gatorade or other sports drinks if you have potassium deficiency which can be caused by diuretic use (drinking lots of water) causing muscle cramps that inhibit how much one sweats.

Eat Spicy Food Before Going Into The Sauna To Increase Sweating

Spicy food increases sweating in the sauna because of how it affects the body.

The capsaicin in the food causes a release of endorphins and serotonin which increase overall mood as well as heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory output, and sweat production.

This will stimulate more sweat glands by increasing body temperature.

Get Plenty Of Sleep Before Entering The Sauna Room Or Using Infrared Saunas

Make sure that you’re getting at least seven hours of deep sleep each night as well because poor sleeping habits can significantly decrease how much an individual sweats during any type of workout or sauna session.

Take A Cold Shower Before Entering The Sauna To Stimulate Sweating

Pouring cold buckets of water over yourself before entering a hot sauna will increase how much you sweat since it makes your pores expand upon entrance.

This will stimulate sweating and encourage your body’s natural detoxification process for how to increase how much you sweat when sitting inside of a sauna.

Wear A Sauna Suit Or Loose, Comfortable Clothing For Maximum Heat Exposure

Sitting inside of a sauna environment wearing tighter clothing can actually hinder how much an individual sweats because this type of attire does not allow for skin pores to open as wide as they would if less restrictive clothing were being worn.

Wearing a sauna suit is one of the best ways to increase how much you sweat in the sauna.

You can wear exercise sauna suit, which is made of lightweight, absorbent material that traps your body heat and causes you to sweat more profusely.

You can also wear other lightweight clothing made of natural fibers such as cotton allows your body to breathe and sweat more so than synthetic clothing. They are best to allow air to circulate and sweat to evaporate.

The less you wear, the better your results will be when how to sweat more in the sauna.

Bring A Towel To Help Keep You Dry And Increase Sweating

It is not only important to drink fluids before during and after sweating indoors, but it is also crucial to have something nearby to help soak up any perspiration that occurs.

Bringing a towel in a sauna can help to keep you dry and sweat more. This is because the towel can help absorb some of your sweat once it has been released from your pores, leaving more moisture on the skin’s surface for evaporation in the sauna heat.

It can also serve as this necessary item, helping one feel more comfortable while sitting in a heated environment while releasing toxins through increased sweating.

Keep Your Head Covered With A Towel Or Scarf, But Don’t Cover Your Face Because That Can Lead To Dehydration

When you’re in the sauna, it’s important to keep your head covered with a towel or scarf to prevent heat from escaping.

However, do not cover your face as this can lead to dehydration.

Sauna hats are designed specifically for this purpose and they have a band that goes around the back of the head so that your forehead and scalp will be kept cool while the rest of your body is hot.

Use A Brush Before Entering A Sauna For A Good Sweat

Using a natural bristle brush before entering a sauna or using an infrared sauna can also help stimulate sweating by increasing blood flow near the skin’s surface.

Take care when brushing not to cause irritation or harm to sensitive areas such as underarms where hair may be growing.

Take care when brushing not to cause irritation or harm to sensitive areas such as underarms where hair may be growing.

Apply A Light Layer Of Oil – But Not Too Much – For More Efficient Sweating

Some people find that applying a essemtial oils before they sit in the sauna helps their body to heat up more quickly, which then encourages sweating at an increased rate.

Be aware however that using too much oil can cause the evaporation process needed for cooling off during rests breaks between sessions inside of the sauna environment to be slowed down.

Some oils have properties that prevent them from fully absorbing into the skin which allows perspiration to continue throughout your session without being released.

This means that you will not sweat as much in the sauna, which can be very frustrating if how to sweat more is your goal.

Remember that you are actually hydrating your skin, naturally, from within during your healthy sauna detox session.

Put Plastic Wrap On The Windows For High Heat Setting

This prevents steam from escaping outside and allows for full saturation inside the room with humidity.

This means that if your sauna room has high ceilings and no fans or vents then chances are that you will not be able to produce as much sweat since there won’t be any air movement inside of the room.

Sit Down Instead Of Standing Up – It’s Easier To Sweat In The Sauna When You’re Sitting Down

Using the sauna regularly is meant to be relaxing, so try sitting down instead of standing up while you’re in the sauna if possible.

It will take more effort for your body to raise its temperature when it’s seated than when it’s upright since blood flow and heart rate are lower which means less perspiration overall.

Position Yourself On The Highest Bench Of The Sauna Room

Sit on the highest bench possible when you enter the sauna so that your sweat will drip off you instead of just pooling around your skin.

Some people find that sitting closer to the heating element helps them sweat more while others prefer to stay a few feet back for less intense heat. Experiment until you find what works best for you on how to achieve better sweating results.

The end goal here is to be sitting in a puddle of your own sweat, so start by getting as high up on the bench as you can.

Start Slowly And Turn Up The Heat Over Time To Sweat Properly

If you are new to using a sauna or steam room it’s important to take things slowly at first to get your body accustomed to the heat exposure gradually.

Start with a comfortable temperature preheat sauna then build up the heat as you go along. The ideal heat for sweating is usually around 140-170 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you turn the heat up too high right from the start, your body might not be able to handle it and you’ll end up leaving the sauna before you’ve had a good, pure sweat.

Focus On Breathing Deeply And Slowly To Help Build Up Internal Body Heat

An optimal sauna experience occurs when you take slow, deep breaths during sauna sessions. It helps the lungs take in more oxygen which then enables your muscles and organs to work harder as they try to cool off.

Breathing exercises such as this can also help calm the mind while how to sweat more, leading you into a peaceful state of relaxation that makes it easier for stress-related tension inside of your body to release.

Take Sufficient Breaks For Increased Sweating In A Sauna

Taking short but frequent water breaks during sauna bathing or infrared sauna sessions can help to encourage how much one sweats during each sitting. This is because taking breaks allows the body’s core temperature to decrease so that it will be easier for sweat glands near the skin surface to release more moisture.

By spending less time inside of a sauna environment, yet taking many short resting periods throughout each session, it becomes possible for even those who do not perspire easily or often become drenched while sitting in heat like this.

The added health benefits also come in the removal of built-up toxins through increased sweating at least once per week without experiencing any discomfort due to your sauna therapy being cut short.

Most people who are new to using saunas do not realize how long they can stay inside before getting uncomfortable or dehydrated.

While it may feel good at first, staying over 20 minutes even in an optimal temperature range sauna is not recommended unless specifically directed by a doctor or trainer as this could lead to trouble if you don’t get out soon enough!

Infrared Sauna Therapy Sweating for Detox


Sweating in a sauna can provide many health benefits, but only if done correctly.

Remember to drink plenty of water, maintain good health, dress appropriately, take breaks when needed, and use a sauna suit for extra sweating. These tips will help you get the most out of your sauna therapy!