Infrared Sauna Vitamin D: How Infrared Heat Provides Nutrients To Your Body

Saunas have been used for centuries for relaxation, weight loss, improved blood flow, pain relief, and detoxification. But what many people don’t know is that infrared saunas also provide many benefits, including vitamin D production!

Infrared light therapy has been shown to be an effective way to produce vitamins, which are essential for vibrant health.

In this blog post, we will explore how infrared sauna therapy provides vitamin D and the other benefits of infrared light therapy.

Do Infrared Saunas Increase Vitamin D?

Yes, infrared heat can help improve vitamin concentrations! They use full-spectrum light to mimic the sun’s natural light and penetrate your body directly by raising the temperature of the skin’s surface as well as your body temperature.

This is especially helpful in fall and winter when people rarely visit their outdoor homes and have low levels of vitamins. If a human does not take enough vitamins it can lead to depression, pain, bone loss, and even bone loss.

In fact, most vitamin D levels can be restored through ultraviolet light or UV radiation from UVB rays.

In addition to this vitamin type, infrared heat also works on a cellular level to help reduce aging symptoms, reduce depression, lessen inflammatory reactions, facilitate weight loss, and improve bone health and heart health.

How Do Infrared Sessions Help You Get Vitamin D?

When you sit in a sauna, your body is exposed to infrared light. The extremely high temperatures emitted by infrared light penetrate your skin, increasing circulation and your core body temperature.

As your body temperature rises, cholesterol or fat cells in your blood are converted into vitamin D.

So if you are looking for a way to increase your vitamin level and boost your immune system, regular sauna therapy may be the answer for you!

The Health Benefits Of Using Infrared Sauna Vitamin D Therapy

Vitamin D is essential for good health. Some of the key benefits of having adequate levels of vitamin D through infrared sauna use include:

Strong bones and teeth: Using dry heat for vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium, which is necessary for strong bones and teeth.

Reduced risk of cancer: Studies have shown that sauna users with higher levels of vitamin D have a reduced risk of certain types of cancer, including ovarian, breast, and colorectal cancers.

Improved mood: Increased vitamin D through the sauna’s detoxifying sweat process has been shown to boost mood and reduce symptoms of depression.

As you can see, vitamin D is a key nutrient for good health. And infrared sauna therapy is a great way to increase your levels of this important vitamin.

Infrared Heat Therapy Vs. Natural Sunlight Exposure

A sauna session or red light therapy provides a controlled environment where you can regulate the amount of heat and light that you receive.

Sunlight exposure is not always possible or desirable, especially during winter months or in areas with high levels of sun exposure.

Infrared saunas are available year-round, making them a great option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of sunlight exposure all year long.

Infrared saunas also offer privacy, which is not always the case with natural sunlight exposure.

Which Infrared Light Type Best Stimulate Vitamin D Production?

Infrared light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum which comes in three light waves: near-infrared, mid-infrared, and far-infrared saunas.

Among the full spectrum, near-infrared (NIR) is the best type of infrared light to stimulate vitamin production.

Near-infrared waves are closest to the visible spectrum and have been shown to be most effective at enhancing this process in your body.

If you are looking for infrared saunas that will help increase your vitamin D levels, make sure it uses near-infrared light therapy. Far infrared may be the second-best option.

You can also choose to expose your body to more infrared light at a lower surface temperature to provide maximum comfort and efficacy.

Does A Traditional Sauna Provide The Same Vitamin D Effects As An Infrared Sauna?

A traditional sauna does not provide the same benefits as infrared heat therapy.

Traditional saunas use hot air to create heat, while infrared saunas use infrared light to create heat. This difference in technology means that infrared saunas penetrate your skin more deeply than traditional saunas, providing many health benefits that are not available with traditional saunas.

So if you’re looking for all the benefits of a traditional sauna plus the added benefit of infrared heat therapy, it is the right choice for you!

How To Know If You Need Infrared Therapy To Get More Vitamin D

Most people don’t get enough vitamins. You may need more if you:

  • Are older than 50 years old
  • Don’t get outside much
  • Have dark skin
  • Wear sunscreen when outdoors
  • Are obese or have a sedentary lifestyle

If you fall into one of these categories, it’s likely that you could use more supplements.

Talk to your doctor about whether infrared sauna therapy is right for you and how much vitamin D supplementation might be appropriate.

The Risks Associated With Not Getting Enough Vitamin D

Insufficient vitamins in your body come with the following main risks:

Bone Fractures

People with low levels of vitamin D are at increased risk for bone fractures.


You are likely to develop some types of cancer, including ovarian, breast, and colorectal cancers if you lack this type of vitamin.

Autoimmune Diseases

Vitamin D is essential for regulating the immune system, so inadequate levels may increase your risk of developing autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Poor Mental Health

Low levels of vitamin D have been linked with depression and other mental health issues.

So if you aren’t getting enough vitamins, be sure to talk to your doctor about ways to increase your intake – infrared heat therapy might be a great option!

Other Health Benefits Of Infrared Sauna Use

Infrared light has also been shown to be beneficial for a wide variety of health conditions, including:

Precautionary Measures When Using Infrared Therapy For Vitamin D Production

There are a few precautionary measures you should take when using infrared therapy to increase your vitamin levels:

1. Always consult with your doctor before starting any new treatment, including infrared sauna therapy.

2. Start with a lower dose of infrared radiation and work up slowly to ensure that you don’t experience any adverse effects.

3. Drink plenty of fluids while using infrared sauna therapy to avoid dehydration.

4. Avoid exposure to the sun while using infrared sauna therapy, as this can increase your risk of skin cancer.

Other Ways To Supplement Infrared Sauna’s Effects On Your Vitamin D Levels

As you can see, infrared sauna therapy is a great way to increase your levels of vitamins. But it’s not the only way. There are many ways to get more vitamin D into your diet. Here are a few tips:

1. Eat more foods that are high in this type of vitamins, such as salmon, tuna, eggs, and dairy products.

2. Spend time outdoors in the sun. Sun exposure is the best way to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

3. Take a supplement. If you don’t get enough sunlight or if you have a medical condition that prevents you from getting adequate amounts of vitamin D, talk to your doctor about taking a supplement.


Infrared saunas provide many health benefits. Apart from increased vitamin levels, the natural radiant heat also aids in weight loss, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, increases blood flow, provides pain relief, boosts the immune system, helps reduce stress, and more.

To maintain optimum health and wellbeing, this natural form of energy and heat is required on a daily basis. Ultraviolet light may damage the skin, but infrared radiation bypasses the surrounding air and the heat straight goes to an object.

If you are looking for a safe and healthy way to improve your overall health and get more vitamins, infrared radiation therapy may be the way to go!

Check with your doctor to see if infrared sauna therapy is right for you.


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