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Enjoy A Relaxing Me-Time Session With One Person Sauna

Our personal sauna is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate after a long day. This compact and convenient sauna fits easily in any room and heats up quickly so you can start relaxing right away. With its low price and high quality, the 1-person sauna is the perfect addition to any home.

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1-Person Sauna

8 Reasons Why You'll Love A Personal Sauna Session

1) Unlike a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna heats the body from the outside in, heating your skin and muscles and heating your core. This helps soothe tired and sore muscles and relax tight joints, easing muscle tension and joint pain.

2) The low humidity 1-person sauna environment also helps clear your nose and throat of mucus build-up that can cause sinus problems. And it's great for killing bacteria picked up outdoors (on pollen, smog particles, etc.) that can otherwise enter your body through your nose or eyes.

3) While you sit quietly relaxing in a hot infrared sauna, your body burns 1 calorie per every 1-2 lbs of weight, accelerating weight loss and toning. Saunas are thought to have health benefits similar to moderate exercise. However, a 1-person sauna is much more time or cost-efficient – 1 hour 1 person sauna = 30 minutes running! And 1 hour of 1 person sauna burns about 300 calories compared to only 150 from 1 hour of jogging. Some also use a gym sauna before lifting sessions.

4) The heating elements of an infrared sauna stimulate vitamin D production up to 1,500 IU/day with infrared wavelengths (great for fighting depression).

5) Home sauna therapy aids in the relaxation of the nervous system through sweat-induced detoxification - detox of chemicals, heavy metals, environmental pollutants & drug residues.

6) Sauna use 1.5-3 hours before bed will help you sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed.

7) Dry heat can also release serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and other calming chemicals that improve mood.

8) Using a low emf far-infrared sauna is a great low-impact exercise to burn calories and stimulate blood circulation pumping oxygen to the cells.

Features Of Our One-Person Sauna Models
  • 7 carbon fiber heaters
  • 1 infrared heater panel (for neck, upper back, and head)
  • 1 oxygen ionizer to clean the air in the sauna room
  • 1 OZONE generator for killing bacteria in the air (great for locker rooms!)
  • 1 chromotherapy light (range of color therapy - clear up to green which is best for relaxation)
  • 1 POCKET COIL SLED BASE construction with high-density foam insulation 1 carry handle
  • Dual control panel
  • Bluetooth connectivity
Why Purchase A 1 Person Infrared Sauna From Sauna Area

Price Match Promise: At Sauna Area, we offer personal sauna units at a very reasonable price. You get plenty of features packed into just one unit that conforms well into any home or business. Order your 1 person sauna today!

Toll-free customer service: Our award-winning customer service representatives are available to answer any questions you might have about your 1 personal sauna and what makes it better than other saunas on the market.

Great reviews from personal sauna users: Our 1-person sauna has been well-received by our customers as seen in its great reviews.

Wide Selection: We carry a wide range of 1-person sauna units so we can help match you with the right unit for your needs and preferences at home!

Quality that goes above and beyond: Sauna Area's 1-person saunas exceed most home sauna models in terms of medical research, design, manufacturing quality, customer service, warranty length, benefits – just about everything!

FAQs About One-Person Infrared Sauna Units

What Makes Infrared Saunas Better Than Traditional Saunas?

Infrared sauna technology heats you up to a temperature that causes the body to encourage sweat release. Sweating is a natural way of detoxifying your body from harmful toxins and chemicals often picked up from the environment. A traditional sauna doesn't heat up as fast or as high as infrared heat so they don't have the same detoxifying effects.

How Long Should You Stay In Personal Saunas?

Ideally, 1-person sauna sessions should last 15-30 minutes. This allows your body to activate the sweat glands and release toxins while still having time to relax in between!

How Often Should Personal Saunas Be Used?

Aim to take infrared sauna sessions 1-2 times per week.

Does A Personal Sauna Require Too Much Space?

Not at all! 1-person saunas are great for small spaces because these sauna units have a compact size and are much lighter and easier to move around than traditional saunas. For an average-sized personal sauna, you will need about 3 x 4 ft of the room which leaves plenty of space for 1-person sauna units.

What Kind Of Sauna Accessories Should I Buy To Enhance My Sauna Experience?

Our saunas come with most standard 1-person sauna accessories including headrests, seating benches, footrests, chromotherapy lighting systems, ionizing air purifiers, Ozone generators for eliminating bacteria in the air for locker, oxygen ionizer, more filters, etc.

What Should Be The Maximum Temperature To Reap The Benefits Of Saunas?

The 1-person sauna temperature should be between 80-120 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures that exceed 120 degrees could cause unfavorable side effects like nausea, headache, or even worse – injuries!

Do Saunas Have Side Effects?

Sauna users are not likely to experience negative 1 person sauna side effects. However, if you are on any type of medication or you weigh less than 110 lbs., please consult your doctor before using 1-person sauna units.

What Are The Safety Tips When Using Saunas?

Drink 1-2 glasses of water before 1 person sauna sessions to prevent dehydration. Improper sauna use can cause disorders like muscle cramps and overheating so avoid 1-person saunas if you experience discomfort.

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