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Get High-quality Outdoor Infrared Sauna From Sauna Area Today!

Enjoy the benefits of sauna therapy in your own backyard with an outdoor infrared sauna. These infrared saunas use radiant heat to penetrate deep into your muscles and joints, providing soothing relief from tension headaches, arthritis pain, and other chronic conditions.

Plus, the detoxifying effects of infrared heat can help improve your overall health and well-being. An outdoor infrared sauna is a great way to relax after a long day or workout – just park it in your patio or deck and enjoy!

Outdoor Infrared Sauna | Product Selections

Outdoor Infrared Sauna

The Perks Of Having Your Own Outdoor Infrared Saunas

An infrared sauna is a type of steam bath that is used to promote the well-being of your body. It uses high-temperature rays to cleanse and rejuvenate your body, helping you lose weight faster than using traditional outdoor infrared outdoor saunas.

Our outdoor infrared saunas are unique products that allow the user to enjoy all the benefits of a sauna while being outside in nature. The infrared heaters allow you to feel the warmth of the sauna, without having to be enclosed in a small space, as compared to using an indoor infrared sauna or traditional saunas.

Sauna Area Offers Premium Infrared Sauna Models For The Best Sauna Session

We offer the best infrared sauna in a variety of outdoor infrared outdoor sauna styles and models like the outdoor infrared sauna waterproof portable solar panel heater which you can use to enjoy an outdoor infrared sauna session during almost any season.

You will also find the best outdoor sauna units that are made from cutting-edge infrared heating technology and durable materials.

If you want to save yourself the hassle and costs of building your own outdoor saunas we offer pre-assembled models as well as plans on how to make your own outdoor infrared sauna.

Features Of Our Outdoor Infrared Sauna Units
  • Portable sauna units designed with waterproof portable solar panel heater
  • Durable outdoor infrared saunas with an acrylic finish for maximum protection
  • Engineered with thick double pane glass and sauna cover
  • Built-in speakers so you can listen to your favorite songs while getting an outdoor infrared outdoor sauna session
  • Optimal neck and shoulder infrared outdoor sauna heaters with smaller footprints to provide outdoor infrared outdoor saunas in limited spaces
  • Infrared saunas with all bells and whistles to guarantee the best outdoor infrared outdoor sauna experience
Get Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas Emitting All Wavelengths Of Radiant Heat

Whether you're looking for near, mid, or far infrared heaters, our full spectrum infrared technologies will not disappoint!

This full-spectrum technology emits full spectrum heaters – there's no need to shop around for outdoor infrared outdoor saunas that promise you the best "full spectrum" experience. You get mid, near, and far-infrared rays that will penetrate the deepest (FAR) while generating the most heat (NEAR). In fact, it is built with carbon/ceramic low EMF far infrared heating!

The spectrum heater located at the top of the device emits mid-infrared rays that provide a more soothing outdoor infrared outdoor sauna experience. It's also wall-mounted, so it provides maximal neck and shoulders infrared outdoor sauna heaters without taking up too much space.

Far Infrared Heat Health Benefits

Far infrared outdoor sauna heaters are the best way to detox your body and relieve chronic pain. The far heater is not only known for penetrating deep inside the body but also for its ability to increase metabolism, boost blood circulation, detoxify organs like your liver and kidneys, cleanse the blood of toxins (which can help with your immune system), and increase the production of T-cells (which are vital for repairing damaged cells).

Mid-Infrared Heat Health Benefits

Our full spectrum heater emits mid-infrared rays that penetrate deep inside the body, kickstarting biochemical reactions by boosting your metabolism and stimulating blood circulation.

Near-Infrared Heat Health Benefits

This infrared light can penetrate several centimeters into the skin, which in turn helps relieve chronic pain and increase the production of collagen (in your bones and muscles).

Outdoor Infrared Sauna FAQs

How Do Outdoor Infrared Heaters Work?

Our outdoor infrared spectrum heating system works by heating up the air directly around you, which heats your skin, sending blood to the surface of your body. The outdoor infrared outdoor saunas help the body release toxins through sweat!

Are Outdoor Infrared Outdoor Saunas Safe?

Absolutely. Just like any other heater, outdoor infrared outdoor sauna heaters can be dangerous if they are not used properly or if worn out. Fortunately, outdoor saunas with infrared heaters can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

How Do Outdoor Infrared Outdoor Saunas Promote Better Health?

Combining the steam bath experience with an outdoor infrared outdoor sauna heater, outdoor infrared outdoor saunas help you relax while detoxifying your body.

Why Is An Outdoor Sauna Better Than An Indoor Sauna?

An outdoor infrared outdoor sauna is better than an indoor sauna because it allows you to enjoy the benefits of a sauna without being cooped up in a small space.

Unlike indoor saunas or when in a traditional sauna cabin, you can feel the warmth from the radiant heaters but still get that outdoor experience and enjoy outdoor infrared outdoor saunas anytime, rain or shine.

Why Use A Sauna With Full-Spectrum Heating System?

Our outdoor infrared outdoor saunas have been engineered to provide all the benefits from far, near and mid-infrared rays – just what your body needs!

Where Should I Place My Outdoor Infrared Outdoor Sauna?

You should place your outdoor infrared outdoor sauna under a canopy or shelter to protect it from the elements. Be sure that you can easily access it as well, and that there is enough ventilation for fresh air. The ideal outdoor infrared outdoor saunas placement is in your backyard near a patio or deck, or on your outdoor infrared outdoor saunas front porch!

How Long Should I Spend In The Outdoor Infrared Outdoor Sauna?

You can use an outdoor infrared outdoor sauna for as little as 10 minutes at a time, but we recommend 15-20 minutes to get the most benefits and allow your body to fully detoxify. You can always come out to relax in the outdoor sauna seating area or sauna bench before going back inside.

What Kind Of Outdoor Infrared Outdoor Saunas Accessories Should I Get?

Our sauna accessories include a full spectrum light therapy bulb and reading rack, both of which are designed to simulate outdoor sauna sunlight and relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. You can also get outdoor infrared heat aromatherapy accessories, like scented candlepods, sauna vials, diffusers, essential oils, etc.

Can I Use The Outdoor Infrared Outdoor Saunas Heater When It Rains?

Yes! Our outdoor infrared outdoor saunas are weatherproof, so you can use them in all kinds of outdoor conditions. The outdoor infrared outdoor sauna is housed inside a polyethylene 20 gauge cabinet that has sturdy aluminum framing, tempered safety glass windows, and powerful heating elements.

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