The Ultimate Guide To Using Sauna And Cryotherapy on Same Day

The world of wellness is vast and diverse, teeming with innovative therapies designed to enhance our health, vitality, and longevity. Among the fascinating and groundbreaking practices that have gained recent popularity are cryotherapy and infrared saunas. These two modalities, sitting on opposite ends of the temperature spectrum, offer a unique blend of benefits when incorporated into your daily routine. Today, we delve deep into understanding these therapies, exploring their synergistic benefits and guiding you on how to effectively integrate both into your lifestyle. Cryotherapy includes ice  bathes, and cold showers. Cryotherapy will be used interchangeably as ice baths, or cold showers.

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The Power of Alternating Hot and Cold Therapies

Dating back to ancient times, the practice of alternating hot and cold treatments, or contrast therapy, has been used to stimulate the body and promote healing. This concept leverages the body’s response

to different temperature stimuli to induce beneficial physiological reactions.

In response to cold, your body moves into a protective mode, constricting blood vessels to conserve heat, known as vasoconstriction. This process pushes nutrient-rich blood to the body’s core. Upon returning to normal or warmer temperatures, vasodilation occurs, where blood vessels expand, circulating the nutrient-dense blood throughout the body, including the skin and muscles. This cycle can help flush out toxins, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation.

Integrating cryotherapy and infrared sauna sessions into your daily routine takes this ancient practice a notch higher, blending the raw power of extreme cold and soothing heat for a wellness symphony like no other.

Deep Dive into Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, derived from the Greek words ‘cryo’ meaning cold, and ‘therapy’ meaning cure, is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. Its origin traces

back to ancient civilizations where cold was used as a remedy for swelling and pain.

Modern cryotherapy often involves stepping into a cryogenic chamber with temperatures plummeting as low as -200°F! A session usually lasts between 2-3 minutes. During this short duration, your skin’s surface temperature decreases significantly, stimulating a powerful physiological response.

The benefits of cryotherapy are wide-ranging. It can help reduce inflammation, a root cause of various diseases. It aids in muscle recovery and pain reduction, making it a favorite among athletes. Cryotherapy has also been linked to increased collagen production for healthier skin and improved mood and sleep patterns due to endorphin release.

Exploring Infrared Saunas

On the other end of the temperature scale, we have the warmth of infrared saunas. Unlike traditional saunas that heat the surrounding air, infrared saunas emit infrared light, which is absorbed by the skin’s surface. This light penetrates deeper into the body, delivering therapeutic heat directly into your muscles and tissues.

An infrared sauna session typically lasts around 20-30 minutes, with temperatures ranging between 120°F and 140°F, making it a more tolerable heat treatment option for many.

The perks of infrared saunas include detoxification through sweating, improved circulation, relaxation, and stress reduction. Regular infrared sauna use can also promote healthier skin, enhance heart function, and support weight loss by boosting your metabolic rate.

Designing Your Daily Hot and Cold Wellness Routine

Activity Duration Details
Hydration N/A Drink plenty of water before starting your routine to ensure optimal hydration.
Cryotherapy Session 2-3 minutes Step into the cryo-chamber, dressed in minimal clothing. The temperature inside the chamber can drop as low as -200°F. Try to relax and breathe normally during the session.
Post-Cryotherapy Transition 10-15 minutes After exiting the cryo-chamber, let your body adjust to the room temperature. This is an important recovery phase. Relax and continue to hydrate.
Infrared Sauna Session 20-30 minutes Enter the infrared sauna once your body has naturally warmed up. The temperature inside the sauna should be between 120°F and 140°F. Relax and let the therapeutic heat soothe your muscles.
Post-Session Recovery Variable Allow your body to cool down naturally after the sauna session. Take a few minutes to rest and hydrate. This is the period when your body consolidates the benefits of both therapies.

Combining cryotherapy and infrared sauna sessions within your daily routine creates a unique wellness regime that leverages the advantages of both treatments. The key lies in effective scheduling and allowing your body the right transition time between each therapy.

Start with a brief but intense cryotherapy session. This short duration of cold exposure will trigger the vasoconstriction process and help activate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Following the cryotherapy session, it’s vital to allow your body to adjust to the room temperature, a transition period that can take about 10-15 minutes. This recovery phase is crucial as it enables your body to initiate the healing and restoration process.

Next, step into the calming warmth of the infrared sauna. This soothing heat experience offers a gentle contrast to the extreme cold of cryotherapy. As your body absorbs the infrared light, your blood vessels dilate, promoting improved circulation and delivering the nutrient-rich blood to your skin and muscles. A typical infrared sauna session should last around 20-30 minutes for optimal benefits.

The sequence of cold then heat is intentional. The extreme cold of cryotherapy stimulates your body’s protective mechanism, while the soothing warmth of the infrared sauna aids relaxation and further promotes healing. When combined, these two therapies work in harmony, enhancing the benefits of each other.

Simultaneous Session Routine: Cryotherapy and Infrared Sauna

Starting a hot and cold wellness routine may sound a bit daunting, but with the right guidance and precautions, you’ll soon be reaping the benefits. Here’s how to structure your daily wellness routine incorporating both cryotherapy and infrared saunas.

Ensure you are well-hydrated before beginning your session. Hydration is key to safely experiencing temperature extremes and will help your body respond better to the treatments.

Start your wellness routine with a cryotherapy session. Dressed in minimal clothing (typically just gloves, socks, and undergarments), you’ll enter the cryo-chamber for about 2-3 minutes. Remember to breathe calmly and steadily during the session.

Upon exiting the cryo-chamber, let your body adjust to the room temperature for about 10-15 minutes. This transition period allows your body to slowly warm up and initiate the healing process triggered by the cryotherapy.

Once your body has warmed up, step into the infrared sauna for a 20-30-minute session. Adjust the temperature settings to your comfort level, ideally between 120°F and 140°F. The infrared light will deliver therapeutic heat directly into your body, enhancing circulation and detoxification.

Post-session, allow your body to cool down naturally. Take a few minutes to rest, drink water or herbal teas to rehydrate, and enjoy the post-therapy glow. It’s important not to rush this phase – it’s when your body consolidates the benefits of both therapies.

Safety First: Ensuring a Safe Wellness Routine

Like all wellness practices, safety should be your priority when using cryotherapy and infrared saunas. While these therapies are generally safe for most people, they may not be suitable for everyone.

Pregnant women, individuals with heart conditions, and those with low blood pressure or other cardiovascular issues should avoid these treatments or seek medical advice before trying them. Always remember that while the experiences may feel intense, they should never cause pain or severe discomfort. Listen to your body’s signals and respect its limits.

Also, remember to stay well-hydrated. Both cryotherapy and infrared sauna sessions can dehydrate your body, so it’s crucial to replenish your fluids before and after the sessions.

The Science Behind the Symphony

You might wonder how contrasting treatments can work harmoniously. Studies suggest that the alternating hot and cold exposure from cryotherapy and infrared saunas can induce a form of ‘hormesis‘ – a biological phenomenon where a beneficial effect (improved health, stress tolerance, growth, or longevity) results from exposure to low doses of an agent or condition that is otherwise toxic or lethal when given at higher doses.

Moreover, testimonials abound from individuals who have experienced firsthand the wellness benefits of this hot and cold routine. Many report enhanced recovery, improved mood, increased energy, better skin health, and overall improved wellness. It appears that the synergy between these two contrasting therapies offers more than just the sum of their individual benefits, providing a comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing.


Our journey through the world of hot and cold therapies offers fascinating insights into how contrasting modalities can work together for our wellbeing. Integrating cryotherapy and infrared saunas into your daily routine creates a wellness symphony that harnesses the benefits of both these therapies.

Whether you’re an athlete seeking faster recovery, a wellness enthusiast exploring new modalities, or someone on a mission to improve overall health, the hot and cold therapy routine could be a valuable addition to your wellness regimen. It’s a dance between extremes, a fascinating interplay of hot and cold, leading to a harmony of wellbeing.

However, it’s essential to remember that safety and personal comfort are paramount. Always listen to your body, adhere to safety guidelines, and consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new wellness routine. After all, wellness is a personal journey, and every individual’s response to these therapies can vary.

So why not give it a try? Let the symphony of hot and cold play out its magical tune in your life. Experience the power of alternating therapies, and let your body and mind reap the incredible benefits. After all, wellness is not just about living longer but also about living better, and with cryotherapy and infrared saunas, you might just find the perfect tune for your wellness symphony.